DINGYU non-stop printing expert - the 26th Guangzhou South China International Printing Industry Exhibition (SINO-LABEL) ended successfully

Author:admin Time:2019/4/22

On March 4, 2019, DINGYU's non-stop printing experts participated in the 26th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition (SINO-LABEL) in Guangzhou, China. The event was unprecedented, and DINGYU Machinery Co., Ltd. harvested three on-site orders and dozens of intended customers. This time we showcased the HAU-B320 servo-type non-stop butt splice unwinding machine, stamping film and laminating film non-stop lap unwinding machine, non-stop waste matrix rewinding machine, SAC-B320 servo models non-stop turret rewinding machine And custom small non-stop butt splice unwinder (specialized for customers who do not have enough space).

In this exhibition, the DINGYU non-stop unwinder butt splice roller was upgraded from the original self-adhesive rubber roller to the evacuated vacuum metal roller, which greatly facilitated the operation of the staff. And we demonstrated all non-stop systems throughout the process, realizing the high precision requirements of non-stop printing. Then our stamping film and laminating film non-stop lap unwinding machine has been upgraded from the original one-volume material to a system that can simultaneously put two rolls of different stamping film materials, so that printing customers who need stamping and laminating can enjoy it. The convenience and benefits of non-stop printing.

In the future, rising material costs, rising labor costs, factory space and production capacity constraints, non-stop printing will certainly become the main theme of medium and large printing manufacturers. DINGYU Non-stop Equipment is the first non-stop printing machinery manufacturer in China to independently develop and produce, and it has occupied almost 95% of the market demand for non-stop printing equipment in China, and has obtained almost all major customers in the market (including global internationality). The unanimous affirmation and praise of the printing manufacturers, there have been large customers returning orders and their newly purchased equipment installation, DINGYU non-stop print system has become the standard equipment of China's large printing manufacturers, its excellent tension control system, independent patent second traction mechanism, high-precision core diameter detection system, which minimizes material waste and provides maximum protection for customers' interests!