DINGYU Machinery Co., LTD CEO Mr.Cai received an interview with the magazine: DINGYU Machinery-Promotes the development of the label industry with automation as the entry point

Author:admin Time:2018/3/21


DINGYU Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D, production and sales equipment for automatic non-stop retracting and unwinding. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has sold 32 sales in China and ranked first in the country, breaking the monopoly of foreign counterparts in China.
The journalist interviewed Mr.Cai, CEO of DINGYU Machinery, and gave an in-depth analysis of how DINGYU Machinery Co., Ltd. can play a dominant role in the fierce market competition.

Talk about the original intention
Labels are an indispensable and vital force in the printing industry. Their printing and post-processing technologies have a great influence on the development of the industry, and the entire industry has gradually entered the white-hot competition.
In recent years, the rapid rise of digital printing and the saturated market share of PS printing have diverted some of the long-term orders, ie, large-scale single-split single-digitization.
The reasons are due to the market competition; on the other hand, the current Chinese label printing companies have not yet fully realized the scale, low-cost and standardized management, and have a gap with the development of the international market. ——DINGYU Machinery CEO Mr.Cai

How to win the market in fierce competition?
For printing manufacturers, in addition to the process, controlling waste in production is also an effective measure.
In particular, due to the characteristics of various processes, as well as the waste of single rolls for printing and subsequent processing on single rolls, it has remained high, so the cost control in this area is huge.
As a professional with more than ten years of infiltration machinery, Mr.Cai has a deep understanding of mechanical design, process and automation design.
After many considerations, Mr.Cai decided to transition into the label industry in 2013, and to use the biggest technical difficulty, which is non-stop automatic unwinding and rewinding as the entry point.

Talk about advantages
With the popularity of the unit type multi-function flexo printing machine, it will be a necessary trend to close and unwind the machine. It will not only greatly increase the printing efficiency, but also save a lot of losses.
For printers, this low-cost production model will quickly open up the gap with competitors to deal with the situation of large single and small singles.
In response to a number of technical problems such as "tension attenuation" calculation, storage rack light-rigidity mechanism, coil diameter high-precision compensation calculation method, etc., Machyu Machinery successfully launched equipment such as non-stop retracting and unwinding and automatic splicing and unwinding machines.

★ Non-stop Automatic butt splice unwinding and rewinding equipment

▲DINGYU Non-stop Automatic butt splice unwinding and rewinding equipment
DINGYU Machinery Co., Ltd. Non-stop Automatic butt splice unwinding and rewinding equipment, it not only has a 100% success rate of butt splice, but its unparalleled roll diameter calculation can greatly reduce the waste of materials to cope with the current situation of paper price increase; stable tension control, Regardless of the jog, up speed, down speed, emergency stop or production stage, the stability of the tension can be guaranteed, and the yield can be greatly improved, so as to achieve the best use of the printing machine.

★ HAU-320 Automatic Butt splicing machine
In the end of 2016, DINGYU Machinery successfully developed the HAU-320 automatic butt splicing and unwinding machine. After more than half a year of customer testing, the equipment was officially put on the market in early 2017. The fully automatic butt splice unwinding machine can achieve a single tension control, and does not require multiple sections of tension to frequently adjust its tension.

Mr.Cai is confident in the products of DINGYU Machinery:
Reducing waste and reducing costs are our original intentions. Therefore, we have been demanding ourselves with a “simple and durable” manufacturing philosophy. The product of DINGYU Machinery also interprets this well.

Talk about the future
For the future, DINGYU Machinery has a clear development plan.
Following the world's advanced technology, based on China's label printing industry, the trend of automation in the industry, continue to deepen the R & D, as well as personalized services in the automation of the retractable volume.
At present, DINGYU Machinery has already reserved many technical patents and process plans.
"I believe soon, DINGYU Machinery will have more automation equipment to show its contribution to the label industry. 'To realize label automation and promote the development of the industry' is not only their own encouragement, but also the commitment to the entire industry. This is what Mr.Cai said.