DINGYU Machinery Will Join 2018 China SINO-LABEL Trade Show In March 10th to 12th

Author:admin Time:2018/2/1

DINGYU Machinery will participate in another well-known international label printing technology exhibition in Asia from March 10 to March 12 of this year. Our booth number is 6720, and I hope all of my clients can come to our booth to witness together DINGYU Automatic winding system machine maturity application.

Relying on the geographical advantages of South China, SINO-LABEL has enjoyed a growth of over 15% in scale and audience for five years in a row. It has been recognized by exhibitors and visitors and has become a very influential and professional label in South China Exhibition system, its professional settings, display products, trade effectiveness and exhibitors services have been recognized in the industry, many domestic and foreign trade associations and buyers support the full support of the group.

In 2017, the quality of the exhibition will be enhanced again and will cover the terminal packaging applications of food, medicine, cosmetic, electronics and other industries in a comprehensive manner. Meanwhile, the exhibition will extend to new areas of standard printing and packaging, covering printing, decoration, manufacturing, processing and application fields. Buyers to provide one-stop shopping platform, China has effectively through the label printing, packaging, products industry chain international exhibition.

Chinese label printing market has enormous potential for unlimited business opportunities

In recent years, with the continuous growth of the national economy in our country, the demand for fast moving consumer goods such as food and beverage, alcoholic products, household products and medical products is increasing. This has led to the rapid growth of supply and demand in the labeling industry, Share the largest, more than 50%. By 2018, the huge label market in China will still contribute about a third of the global demand for new labels.

In 2015, digital label printing has become the mainstream technology innovation across all aspects of packaging and printing, printing equipment, post-processing equipment, all involved in the printing process. Digital printing is the fastest growing process in the field of packaging and printing with a projected annual growth rate of 17% and an expected value of output of 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2019.

DINGYU Machinery company will continue to uphold the “pre-technology than industry” concept, aim label printing automation industry, to label printers maximize efficiency as the first goal, greatly enhance the yield, reduce losses and create benefits! Determined to become an automatic winding experts in the printing industry, for China and the world printer to enjoy DINGYU mechanical automation technology!